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Biographies Writers At The Watermill 3-5 November 2017

Christine  has written creatively since childhood and is a lifelong journaller.  Writing is simply part of her beiChristineng. 

Christine has lived and worked abroad, is a qualified person-centred therapist, and multilingual.  Her articles on expat life have been published in newspapers and magazines.  She grew up in Lincolnshire and studied English at Oxford.

She enjoys experimenting with form in prose and poetry.  Christine writes memoir, flash, short stories, poetry, travel, fiction, and about writing and creative living.

To see examples of her extensive portfolio of writing, including her real-time memoir, the blog The Long Bright World, and her resources for writers, visit her website JourneyWords.

Passionate about living creatively, Christine has settled in a former watermill in a hidden valley near the sea in South Devon with a 20 acre smallholding and five historic holiday cottages where she runs and hosts writing workshops and retreats.  Please contact her if you'd like your writing group to stay.

For more information on rural retreats at Watermill Cottages, please visit Watermill Cottages

Twitter: @journeywords     LinkedIn: Christine Cooke     Facebook: JourneyWords @JourneyWords


Anne Rainbow

Anne RainbowAnne Rainbow has an extensive publishing career which can be viewed on her LinkedIn profile:

Nowadays, Anne Rainbow wears two hats: as ScrivenerVirgin, and as the RedPen Mentor.

Anne’s blog on encourages writers to use Scrivener, the sophisticated writing tool, which can take an author from blank page to self-published book.

Her website is also the door to RedPen through which Anne offers online training for writers in self-editing, marketing and self-publishing.  For a few students at a time, this provides access to her RedPen Mentoring scheme.

In her ebook, EDITING The RedPen Way: 10 steps to successful self-editing, Anne explains her tried-and-tested approach to self-editing.  With her simple three-task system, Anne shows how EDITING The RedPen Way can become a SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely - route to a polished manuscript.

Three further ebooks will be published in 2018: EDITING The RedPen Way: The BIG Picture, EDITING The RedPen Way: The Devil in the Detail, and EDITING The RedPen Way: Spotlight on Style

Anne’s objective is always to help budding writers to learn how to edit their own words, and therefore to maximise their chances of having their stories and novels accepted for publication. And, she makes it sound fun!


Belinda Seaward

Hotel JulietBelinda Seaward’s writing has been described as ‘cinematic’ and ‘thrillingly observant’.  She has written four novels and is now working on her first book of narrative non-fiction.

Her work explores themes of identity, love and belonging.  Her novels Hotel Juliet and The Beautiful Truth were both published by John Murray, literary publishers of Jane Austen, Darwin, and Byron. Hotel Juliet, a story of love, loss and longing, set in Zambia, London and Scotland, was submitted for the Booker Prize.  Her new work, a philosophical memoir Friends for Life, explores in piercing detail the arc of a 20-year-friendship and examines how friendship shapes the most important decisions of our lives.

Belinda was born in Cornwall and grew up in Devon.  She was inspired to become a writer when Fay Weldon visited her school.  Belinda went on to work in journalism, writing for The Sunday Times and for newspapers in the Arabian Gulf.  Later, she studied for a degree in Philosophy which she teaches at A Level and to adults through her social education courses.  Belinda has a special interest in horsemanship and in 2016, she co-founded a community interest company which offers education, health and well-being courses in South Devon.

Belinda is also a personal development coach offering wisdom and well-being courses to individuals and small groups who wish to develop self-understanding.  She shares insights from her work and life on her blog:







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